"Hey! Heading to Napa Valley - Where should I go?"


Living in Napa Valley and working as a sommelier at a restaurant with the greatest Napa Valley wine list in the world - PRESS Restaurant in St. Helena - I have amassed a good bit of insight on how to experience this magical place.  My days are spent visiting the wineries, talking to the winemakers, serving their bottles at Press, and eating at our local restaurants - if I'm being perfectly honest, few people know this valley better than a sommelier like me who lives and works here.  After countless text messages, an overflowing DM box, and a restaurant full of people with the same request - "Hey! Heading to Napa Valley - where should I go?" - I am here to answer that question.  

While I definitely encourage you to follow my adventures on all of my social platforms, this is the space that will more readily, speedily, and concisely answer that question - all tied up in a neat little bow.  Whether you're in search of the next great 100 point wine to add to your cellar, a relaxing day sipping wine with friends by a fireplace, or a secret spot that only the insiders know about - remember, it's not always just about the wine - it's about the experience too.